Tapes from the Darkside | a true crime podcast


Edit: TZ stay AWAY from politics. You’re a wise dude and very good at what you do. That being said, the basis for ALL businesses is debt. 91% of companies large and small carry tremendous debt from banks. Credit is the basis for our economy and the government is very much a business. Tax income is revenue. There’s nothing wrong with teeing off on Rick Scott. But do it because he made bad decisions, not because of his political affiliation. Politics is a fine line to walk on a TC Podcast. We come here to escape political entropy. You’re actually insanely good at what you do. Please don’t risk half your listener base by succumbing to the allure of left vs right.

I’m an avid serial truecrime podcast listener. I’ve heard them ALL. The blend of primary source audio, coupled with well written narration is absolutely captivating. You are on your way to becoming one of the best. PLEASE continue your work! I will do my best to spread the word. 5/5 stars well deserved!

July 6, 2021 by voxx1122 on Apple Podcasts

Tapes from the Darkside | a true crime podcast