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Can’t stop!

I heard about this from True Consequences and listened to the psychopath phone call from the recent episodes then listened to the Spirit family massacre, then the Dylan Redwine season and now I’m on the Jesse Washington Waco season episode 2. I love the host- I wish I could get the bonus content (I’m not sure why we have to pay for better audio quality?) but I can’t afford to get patreon for every podcast I love! I definitely recommend this for the research, quality, straightforward delivery of the story without any banter, etc (I am ok with banter on certain pods) it’s a great format and different than other pods! Thanks for the content.

You can tell TZ strives to produce the best content. I love the format. TZ always picks interesting cases and clearly researches them thoroughly.

Season 3 review

Great show! I appreciate your attention to the inept politicians that could care less about children in the system and broken families.


Prefectly researched and amazing episodes. Way to go!!!!

Very welll done

I heard about this show when searching for a particular case. I started with the Dylan Redwine murder which is a tragic story in and of itself. As you can tell from the name of the podcast there is a lot of tape use from interviews, interrogations, etc. It takes real skill to put together in a cohesive storyline piecing all of this together. In addition our host has written his own material and formed his own opinions but does not push his agenda and is actually quite thoughtful. I am going to continue listening and tell others about it as well. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who enjoys true crime podcasts.

Wow just wow

I just found this podcast and started with season four. I cannot stop listening. This is so well researched, well presented, and completely engrossing, that I cannot recommend it enough. Great work. Exposing Senator Rick Scott for the atrocities he did to the department of children services in Florida was just mind boggling. Obviously going to listen to all of the seasons. Thank you for the great work. This is what a professional podcast host sounds like. This is what a great podcast is.

Great show so far

I’m on episode 1.5 and won’t stop listening until I’m caught up with all of the episodes.


I just started listening last night and I’m just about finished with all of the episodes and I joined their patreon. This is very well done and clearly impossible to stop listening to.

Really enjoying your podcast!

Just started listening this month and I am enjoying your podcast! Thank you!

Excellent podcast

His coverage of the Waco horror was excellent yet infuriating. Definitely not one story I have never heard over. Check out this podcast, u won’t be disappointed.

So Good!!!

Just started listening to this podcast and I’m hooked! I love the way TZ tells the stories, and the real recordings etc. of the people involved in the crimes.


Please post an email or contact form on your website. Show is awesome. I have some skills I could volunteer to make it incrementally better if interested.

So good!

Just found this podcast! So glad I did! If you like true crime then this is a great podcast to listen to! The host keeps you engaged and wanting to listen to more. Check it out!

Well researched 👏

This show is so well done. There are a ton of true crime podcasts out there, but this one stands out. The depth of detail they go through is impressive and the quality is awesome. Keep making more of these please!

Love this

Originally found the channel on YouTube, love the format and info

Great only one issue

This podcast is fantastic. The host is a great story teller and you can tell everything is well researched. My only issue is that this podcast seems to have no schedule for releasing new episodes. Sometimes you have to wait over a month for a new episode to be released and that makes it difficult to stay fully engaged. This podcast would be in my top three favorite true crime podcasts if there was an actual episode release schedule that I could rely on or if the host would at least release updates letting us know when the next episode is coming or letting us know why some episodes take over a month to be released. I have legitimately thought the podcast was on hiatus or something at some points because of the large gaps of time between episodes.

So glad I found this

This is truly a one of a kind podcast! I literally listened to all episodes the day I found it. His demeanor is pleasant and welcoming, very informational! I really love the live audio; it’s what makes this podcast different from the rest. I heard about this podcast from another one - just like you all I love me some true crime! He’s done in depth episodes of cases. He appreciates his fans and supporters and interacts with them. It’s like a little community. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!

One of a kind!

I’m a binger my nature. I find something, I binge it, and move on. Tapes from the Darkside hooked me with season one…with his voice, his research, the story I hadn’t heard yet, and the unique nature in which he presents the material. I binged season one, and season 2. I became a Patreon and I remain a Patreon while I impatiently wait for season 3 to be complete to binge that as well. So good, I’m a Patreon while not even actively listening. This guy deserves so much love!!

Super unique and well done!

Love this show so much! It’s super unique compared to other shows I listen to and that’s one of my favorite things about it. It’s also really well told and put together and TZ has a great voice for the show! Love the whole vibe.

Great podcast

I started listening a few months ago and right away felt drawn in to the story telling style that the host provides. I have since subscribed to the Patreon and love being a part of the community. He approaches horrific events with respect and offers an enjoyable listen at the same time.

Cream of the Crop!

Absolutely love this podcast! Content is relevant and not gratuitous- but with intriguing original source audio served up by a smooth-voiced but passionate and well-spoken host. Can’t recommend enough!!!


Edit: TZ stay AWAY from politics. You’re a wise dude and very good at what you do. That being said, the basis for ALL businesses is debt. 91% of companies large and small carry tremendous debt from banks. Credit is the basis for our economy and the government is very much a business. Tax income is revenue. There’s nothing wrong with teeing off on Rick Scott. But do it because he made bad decisions, not because of his political affiliation. Politics is a fine line to walk on a TC Podcast. We come here to escape political entropy. You’re actually insanely good at what you do. Please don’t risk half your listener base by succumbing to the allure of left vs right. I’m an avid serial truecrime podcast listener. I’ve heard them ALL. The blend of primary source audio, coupled with well written narration is absolutely captivating. You are on your way to becoming one of the best. PLEASE continue your work! I will do my best to spread the word. 5/5 stars well deserved!

Great podcast

Host has a great voice, content is awesome.


I listen to a lot of true crime podcasts and stumbled across Tapes from the Darkside. Season 1 really sucked me in, I think I listened to it within 2 days and I still think about it often. I have told multiple friends about this podcast and I highly recommend it! I am hooked and this podcast is 100% in my rotation

One of few worthy of patreon support

I found this podcast because of my interest in season 2’s case. It is so good, I binged all the past episodes. I’ll be supporting on patreon! Perfect pace, well researched, the storytelling and accompanying audio clips are great.

I I like to think about myself as someone who can empathize or even sympathize with just about everybody on any level with any line of thinking on any worldview. However this episode has me in tears because I could not bring myself to even try to go into the minds of someone with the ability to behave this way. Even the thoughts of the crowd willingly watching and participating was too much. Words fail me when I think of what Jesse went through while slowly dying..its agony to think about much less experience. There are no words to make this better. To comfort the people who loved him. The fact that this was so public and was PARTICIPATED in by children....I can't think of anything to say...I listened to this podcast a few days ago and when I think about it even for a moment, I cry. I've laid awake trying to sleep but instead I cry.. There are times throughout history when true evil is allowed to run free and surely this is one of those times. I thank you for educating me and keeping Jesse's story alive, but if I could go back and not listen, i would.

Where have you been?!

I just found this podcast and it’s so good, and really well done. I’ve been binging since I started. Amazing job!

Tapes from the Darkside!

This podcast is soooo good. Very in-depth, binge worthy, and the hosts voice is very soothing! Give it a listen you wont regret it!

Revelatory Brilliance

Haunting revelations into human psyche and rips the band aid off of shameful historic events …. his account of lynchings still has me running to the history books for further information and understanding of my American heritage….the narrator educates his audience with provocative insights and unscathed research


I just listened to my first episode and I’m hooked!! The style and narration of this podcast is truly special!!!! I will be binge listening over the weekend.. Thank you for the many hours of enjoyment this coming weekend!