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So stoked I found this!!!

This podcast is amazing! Great host, case, & overall vibe. For anyone that loves an eerie, creepy serialized podcast, you will love! Binge-worthy & leaves you wanting more!! Love the 90’s horror/true crime aesthetic. Keep up the great work, you’re doing incredible!!


Came across this podcast after hearing a promo for it on another podcast and it did not disappoint. I’m always trying to find new interesting crime type podcasts and this one has got me hooked!


I was hooked immediately and binged Season 1 all in one day at work. 🤣 Excellent job on this case!

Well done

This podcast is well done with great audio quality.


So well done, well produced and great content. It’s hard to believe this is TZ’s first pod.


Five stars for having a sexy host 🎉 Edit: Look, I’ve gotten to know TZ beyond his beauty and I’ll leave a real review this time 😂 Awesome host, awesome podcast with a creative method. Tapes From the Darkside keeps it fresh between articulate monologue, clips from interviews, shows, and other podcasts. This guy knows how to take us on a deep dive and he sure as HELL knows how to tell a story. Keep up the awesome work, I look forward to seeing this show grow and can’t wait for what case you’ll cover next!

Great to binge

Great pod with a gripping case. It’s told in a very easy to follow narrative with actual audio from tapes and actual audio. Follow up: I wrote the above review before finishing the first season. Having listened to each episode a few times (I listen at night and fell asleep) I feel I can offer a bit more depth. This pod follows the case of a missing Colorado boy and uses actual audio tapes (thus the name) to move the story forward and bring the horror to life. Each episode is covered by one host with a great voice and the host doesn’t make the events about themselves. As an avid podcast listener I fully recommend Tapes for those who are interested in true crime and don’t particularly want a lot of blather from the host/hosts. The story speaks for itself and the pod allows it to unfold in a way that will have you binging. I will also mention that the case is given the utmost respect and dignity for the family and doesn’t in anyway give you that icky feeling you get from other pods that just look to be a tourist in a family’s nightmare.


This is such a great podcast. The host, Tz has a calming voice amidst such utter chaos of a story. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Season 2!


Love the content! 🤘🏻


Loving this podcast! The audio is great, and the content is great! Looking forward to more episodes!

Tapes from the darkside

Im obsessed, love the audio! Can’t wait to listen to the rest! Great break between sword and scale episodes. Can’t wait to hear the rest :)

Incredible Podcast

I binged all 7 episodes today. I am so grateful that I found this podcast. His voice is mesmerizing and so easy to listen to! Can not wait for more episodes!!!!

Hooked from first episode!

If you like twisted true crime tales....Look no further. Excellent production quality and captivating suspense. Haven’t been this excited since Up and Vanished.


This is an awesome podcast! Love the audio footage of these interviews! Great job guys! -Kelli in IL

Instant subscriber!

We are both in a fb group for a different podcast and I saw his plug, lol. Gave it a listen and subscribed on the first episode! His voice is awesome first off! But adding in actual audio is so cool. Great job, man!

Sound design

In addition to be an outstanding podcast the sound design is superior by far to anything I’ve ever heard and it contributes to the whole creepy vibe I swear sometimes I thought someone was standing behind me!

Five stars

Such a great podcast!

You’ll be screaming “NARCISSIST!”

I was approached with this podcast, and since I love all things dark and true crime, I had to give “Tapes from the Darkside” a listen. #1 the name sold me as darkside was a school nickname I was given, and #2 if you were a fan of the original Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack, this podcast will give you TOTAL Unsolved Mysteries vibes. I was so emotionally all over the place listening to this, and found myself just saying “classic narcissist” about Mark. His deflections were unreal. The fact he skated by for so long is infuriating. I really enjoyed this podcast. I had to google halfway through what happens to this deadbeat dad just for some peace of mind while I continued to listen. That’s the sign of a great podcast in my opinion. It bothered me so much I had to google the case. Great job Tz!

Very well done!

I had asked around a Facebook group for a few true crime podcast recommendations in which the very friendly host of this one reached out to see if I would mind listening to his. I think most people might turn a blind eye to newer podcasts, but in this case, I’m glad I didn’t. I just recently started it and got hooked from the beginning. He doesn’t chit chat/banter about daily life, doesn’t use humor, mainly uses tapes/audio in which he doesn’t frequently interrupt unless he feels the listener might be confused and leaves just enough info at the end of each episode to keep you on the edge of your seat. He digs down deep for his information/research to be able to present us with all adequate and precise information regarding the case. The dedication, time and effort he puts into making this podcast is truly awesome. It is easily a new favorite of mine, I highly recommend!

Excellent Podcast

The first season of this true crime podcast covers the tragic murder of 13 year old Dylan Redwine. Dylan disappeared during a court ordered visit with his father. This bizarre story is told by a single narrator with the aid of contemporaneous recordings such as phone calls and a TV interviews. It’s thoroughly researched and well worth your time.

Comprehensive true crime

A tragedy is investigated and presented to us in a captivating way. Great details, audio clips and music!

Love this pod!

Excellent serial pod on Dylan Redwine case. I have really enjoyed going through this case with TZ. The pod is expertly produced and extremely engaging. Highly reccommend you subscribe and check it out.

Love it so far

I’ve only listened to a couple of episodes but their really well done! Looking forward to more.

Great show!

As a true crime fan I’ve listened to a lot of different podcasts. This podcast is very well put together. I hope many more seasons are to come. Keep up the great work.


Love this! So well written and so cohesive. I binged and was disappointed when I finished. Highly recommend!

Oh, it is love ... And, well, murder.

“Tapes from the Darkside”, how do I love thee? It’s impossible to even try to count the ways (sorry Billy Shakes!) How did I find TFTDS? I have no idea. But, talk about a good find! TZ is a great host, with a general deadpan that fits the subject matter perfectly, but with just the right bit of “o rly?” thrown in at those special times to make you laugh, all by yourself, all alone, in never-ending quarantine. (Well, that just got very personal, very fast.) On top of it all, there’s this cool kid club (you can join!) of Darksiders on FB, a legit (and affordable) Patreon crew and, at the helm, is probably one of the most down-to-Earth, fun dudes I’ve never met. And, I haven’t even mentioned Dannie! Do yourself a favor and listen today!

Amazing Podcast! Highly Recommend!

I stumbled upon Tapes from the Darkside and I am so glad I did. Tz is a great storyteller and adds in actual voice clips from the case. It is not all just his opinion, he gives you information and wants you to think about it and come up with your own conclusions of the case presented. In the case of Dylan Redwine, I normally always do my own research and want to learn more outside a podcast. However, I have not done it with this case because I want to see where Tz goes with the information. I am excited to see where this podcast goes in the future. I believe in it so much that I became a supporter on Patreon. I don’t support any other podcast that way, so for me thats a sign this podcast will go places! Highly recommend!!


Tz does a wonderful job of pulling audio from various sources, and putting it all together to let the people involved in the case tell the story themselves. This has quickly become one of my favorites. The retro-synth music is also a major plus for me!

True crime gold

My favorite true crime takes you through the story with findings from the creator, not just summarizing a case. They take you through details you can’t just find in a google search.

A must listen podcast!

An unbelievable story put together so well with a hint of 80’s nostalgia. An easy listening, engrossing gem. - Lauren LaGrange