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Fantastic pod, will blow up amongst true crime fans

Great storytelling

What happened to Dylan? Tapes From the Darkside turns over every stone looking for the answer. The quality of the audio and the sound of the narrator’s voice are excellent. The audio clips fit together seamlessly and allow the listener to become absorbed in the telling of this tragic tragic tale.

Innovative And Captivating

True crime lovers this one is for you. A serialized stunner you’ll be hooked from episode one as the tale of missing teen Dylan Redwine unfolds. Told through a mix of top notch narration and interviews, you’ll be glad you listened. Subscribe now and don’t miss a thing! Don’t even think about missing the after show. You’ll totally become a Darksider too. — Tara, co-host of MSBC podcast

Supper dark in the best way

Great sound quality and even better sound engineering! Tapes From the Darkside has a refreshing format, a mix of first person interview audio clips AND host narration. The after shows are more of a “relaxed fit” vibe and provide extra details from the case. Don’t skip ‘em!! SUBSCRIBE!! Keep up the great work!! - Cassie from HHGW Podcast