Jan. 15, 2021

S2, Episode 3: Rest in Power

Isn't it a bit ironic that with events such as 9/11 we say...


Isn't it a bit ironic that with events such as 9/11 we say over and over, “gone, but not forgotten” and “never forget”...

Yet, with tragedies that are a little less convenient—we suddenly change our tune to “let sleeping dogs lie.”

America has tried for over a century to forget the events of May 15, 1916.

Don’t let that happen.

An upturned house (a casualty of the 1953 Waco tornados):


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Introducing Emma Tranter as Elisabeth Freeman
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Osric White as Jesse Washington
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Les Gross as The Prosecuting Attorney
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Pamela Martinie as the Waco Town Citizen


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Voiceover Intro by John Sutton


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Patricia Bernstein, Author of “The First Waco Horror”

Steven Sielaff, Senior Editor & Collection Manager - Baylor U Institute for Oral History

Dianne Reyes, Administrative Associate - Baylor U Institute for Oral History


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