Nov. 21, 2022

S5, Chapter 2: Crawl

Daniel Shaver lies face down in a hotel hallway in Mesa, Arizona...

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Part 2-of-8 from the series “The Execution of Daniel Shaver”.

The complete series is out now:

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Chapter 2
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Daniel Shaver lies face down in a hotel hallway in Mesa, Arizona. A cop barks incoherent orders at him and repeatedly denies any clarifying questions. The cop's demands become increasingly convoluted. “Cross your legs…Keep them crossed…Put your arms in front of you…Push yourself up…Do not uncross your legs…Keep your hands in the air.”

And then...the most confounding instruction of all. “Crawl…But don’t use your hands…And if you’re going to fall, don’t stop yourself…Fall on your face.”

What does this mean? How can you crawl without your hands? What would you do?

Justice-4-Daniel shirts are now available for $20 (...not $30 as originally planned). All proceeds will go to Laney and/or charity.

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