Dec. 12, 2022

S5, Chapter 5: Where in the World is Charles Langley?

Nearly our entire focus up to this point has been on Mitch Brailsford...

Part 5-of-8 from the series “The Execution of Daniel Shaver”.

The complete series is out now:

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Nearly our entire focus up to this point has been on Mitch Brailsford. And for good reason. He was the one to pull the trigger ending Daniel Shaver’s life.

But what if there was another individual who may indeed hold more culpability for what happened on the night of January 18, 2016? An individual who was in charge of the scene from the very beginning. An individual who gave incoherent orders and authorized the use of lethal force. And an individual who conveniently took early retirement from the Mesa PD and then moved his family to the Philippines.

This chapter is about that individual. Sergeant Charles Langley.

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